Series 3 cards

If you go to the webkinz homepage and click the news link there are pics of 4 trading cards!!! the whole card has a pic on it with trivia on the back. Also they are glossier and thicker (thank god!) To bad they wont fit in with meh other trading cards. Also soon in the e-store they will be having 2.5k(k=1000) and 5k kinz cash coins, well screw that cuz now rich kid can have unlimited money! 

Also go Hurricanes!! Me and my friends went to our schools first tackle football game of the season (our team is the hurricanes) and we won 14 to 7. If ur reading GO SHANE-O! he was lyk the only freshmen to start the game and he went to my old school

here r some pics from the game!! I hope they show up in the one McKayla looks rly funny teehee and im not in the pics cuz i took em so dnt ask which one i am! And Rachel and Bianca look lyk twins but htere not related

Well ILY guys!!! and as u can tell im using this blog lyk a myspace page now SORRY! i jst want my friends to be able to come here cuz i can chat wit them about stuff other than camp rock and hannah montana


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Hurricane Fay

Hey I’m out of school for the day because like every school in Florida is closed because Huricane Fay in like an hour were supposed to get pounded. I wont be on all day though cuz power may go out and I’m at my Grandmas house on her computer because my apartment isnt any definition of safe. K well theres not a whole lot going on in WW world sooo TTYL!

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Ignore this post

hey sry im jst using this post to transer some pics over to my school laptop

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E-Store surprise saturday stuff!

Pictures arent working properly on my website  but in the E-Store there is a moving statue and changing color lava lamp!! I’m not getting one o them but if you want one there today only!!

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Sorry AGAIN!

Gosh I am sooo sorry for like the fifteen hundredth time! This week was my first week of High School so I had absolotely no time for webkinz if I was lucky enough to log onto my computer it was for school or AIM.  Okay well I’ll get cha caught up!!

Here are the new pets:

Webkinz Pink White Dog

Lil Kinz Hummingbird

Lil Kinz Triggerfish

Webkinz Buffalo

Webkinz Clown Fish

In other webkinz news:

The November POTM is the Hippo

Heres the trading card 3 items in this series you can’t get  W-Shop items but exclusive items!! Yay! well here they are–

Also heres the magical retriever and it’s PSI whoever put it online has some serious mental problems because it will probably go on Ebay for higher than the Cheeky Dog lol

Also can anyone get into the clubhouse? It won’t load on me computer!!

Lastly in my High School “news” DANG HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS!!! Okay so the school is freakin huge! Thats good but also bad cause it is super easy to get lost or go to the wrong class (yeah i already did that!) Also i have lunch with my best friend Rachel. And have already established a group–Me, Rachel, Taylor,Melissa,Corey,Andrew,Katie, and Bianca. But the sad thing is I didn’t get into Art 2-D elective!!! GRR! There were a lot of people who wanted to get in I guess some who barely even like art!! They put me in TV production though which is pretty cool, as long as I did not get drama!!! Lastly my Physical Science Honors teacher loves me cause I am such a science nerd lol!! Well Asta la Pasta sorry I had to explain my life story BYEZ!!

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New Theme

There is a new underwater theme for only underwater rooms. It’s pretty sweet. The little country store near us just got in the manatee and goldfish (and deer, lion, blue jay and ALL the new pets and figurines)

I didnt get any new pets because im like limiting myself on webkinz because i have like 35!! to many i need money for clothes! But this is the cutest release of webkinz! The white horse is the only “copy pet” all the others are original!! yay Ganz i luv you! Next year when i get to get a good paying summer job i wil get some more webkinz! lol!

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New Figurines

Thanks to webkinzinsider I have pics of the new figurines! They are so cute but most of the items are wall items =( i like stuff u put on the floor no to complain or anything! sorry well here are the pics

Also i was looking at the Estore and saw a “surprise saturday” today they have some charm code if you need them or if ur a guy who wants charm forest and cant live the humiliation of buying a charm =P

Also new items in the Estore for every day buying!

I’m a little mad at the prices though, come on! its a VIRTUAL item webkinz were paying 10 bucks for something we cant even hold?

List of other stuff you can buy for ten dollars

1. A new shirt, if you go to the clearence racks of American Eagle or Aeropostle i bet u could find something, trust me.

2.Schools here so 12 folders, or 4 binders, or 120 pencils, or 100 pens, or 12 super quality pens, or a new luchbox.

3. 2 bottles of nail polish, 4 target headbands, 1 or 2 claires headbands, earings and a matching bracelet, 4 cups of starbucks yummm, or 10 songs on iTunes

4. A little kinz, 3 figurines, or a webkinz mouse pad

5.yaaa the possibilities are endless plz people be smart with your money!!!

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